Accelerating the Adoption and Diffusion of New Cancer Drugs

In today’s oncology landscape, a thoughtful and intentional approach is needed to minimize the length of time it takes to get new drugs into regular clinical use.

Download this issue to learn more about the challenges around drug adoption and to discover ways to accelerate adoption through industry alignment opportunities.

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Oncology Practice Consolidation & Emerging Organizational Needs

Increases in oncology practice consolidation will require life science companies to re-evaluate their customer engagement strategies and provide newly integrated practices with tools to succeed.

Download this issue to learn more about this trend and discover how TKG is helping life science partners address the complexities of consolidation and acquisitions.

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Moving the Needle on Patient Satisfaction Without adding to Physician Burnout

Patient satisfaction is more important than ever but oncology care teams are already overwhelmed.

Download this issue to learn important information such as where providers can have the greatest impact, the top 5 most important qualities among HCPs reported by cancer patients and why having a strategic focus on patient satisfaction can help organizations.

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